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Dirt Cake Recipe


vanilla cake

chocolate cream

crushed meringue

whipped cream

crushed chocolate cookies

For decoration:

barbecue sticks

paper flowers

gummy worms

strawberries and mint leaves         (optional)


1. Slice the vanilla cake into 2cm thick slices

2. With a cookie cutter cut the slices into rounds as to fit the bottom of the flower pot

3. Drop a round of cake into the flower pot, lightly pressing to make sure it’s all the way


4. With the help of a tablespoon spread a 2cm layer of chocolate cream on the cake.

5. Crush some meringue in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin.

6. Spread the crushed meringue over the chocolate cream.

7. With a tablespoon spread a 2cm layer of whipped cream over the meringue.