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Phrasal Verbs e Comida

Inspirados nas aulas de culinária em inglês durante esta semana, resolvemos compartilhar alguns Phrasal Verbs relacionados à comida.

  • Bolt down – To eat your food very quickly.

“Susan only has 15 minutes to eat lunch so she bolts it down really fast”

  • Whip up - To produce or prepare (a meal) very quickly.

“Toni loves cooking so every day he whips up a delicious supper for his wife and kids”

  • Pig out - To eat a lot of food at one time.

“Jamie had been on a diet all week, so during the weekend he pigged out on fast food”

  • Pick up – The act of going somewhere to get a person or thing that you will then take to another place

“There’s nothing in the fridge so I will pick some sandwiches up from the shop”

  • Chop up – To cut into pieces, usually with several sharp blows.

“If you want to help me, please chop up these vegetables for the stew ”

  • Cut out - To stop doing (something)

“My Dad has very high cholesterol, so he has cut out eggs and dairy from his diet”

  • Cut back – To do less of (something)

“You eat too much salt, you should cut back on salty foods”

  • Knock back - To drink or swallow (an alcoholic drink) quickly

“When John got to the bar he inmediately asked for a big whiskey and knocked it back”

  • Eat out – To eat away from home, usually in a restaurant.

“When I don’t want to cook, my boyfriend and I eat out at a restaurant”

  • Fry up – The act of frying a meal, especially breakfast.

“On Sundays my Mum always prepares a fry up – eggs, bacon, beans and toast. Yum!”

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Uncountable nouns. Qual a forma correta? Teste seu conhecimento

Para cada sentença, escolha a resposta correta.


1. a) She needs some information OU b) She needs an information.

2. a) Who would like some more bread? OU b) Who would like one more bread?

3. a) Where can I put all the furnitures? OU b) Where can I put all the furniture?


Respostas corretas: 1a, 2a e 3b.


No exemplo acima information, bread e furniture são “uncountable nouns”. As regras são: 

1 e 2) Nunca use a/an, another, these, many, two e outras palavras que indiquem uma unidade ou plural.

3) Nunca coloque um uncountable noun no plural.


Fica a dica!