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The Biography of a skater – Caio Iglesias (Upper Intermediate)

The person that I’m going to talk about is one of the best skaters nowadays mainly in half-pipes and in the mega-ramp. He nearly reinvented the mega-ramp, because he has one in his house. , so he can skate there everyday. He doesn’t have only the mega-ramp, but a whole private skate-park. The person that I’m talking about is Bob Burnquist.

Bob Burnquist

Although he has an American name, he was born here, in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro. He now lives in the United States, in California and it’s there that he has his skate-park.

He’s 35 years old and he’s now skating better than ever. One of the things that makes him so good is the contact with the new generation of skaters, so he mixes his tricks with newer tricks. Last week he got first place in the qualified world half-pipe championship. The finals are coming and there’s a lot of chance that he wins.

He’s innovated the way that skaters skate in the half-pipe and in the mega-ramp, with tricks that no one had ever done, like the Backflip Christ Air and the fakie to fakie 900°. He’s also one of the skaters with most gold medals in X-Games.

Bob is also in almost all of the Tony Hawk’s games and he’s now created his own game, for IOS devices (Apple devices) which is called Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland and it’s a very nice game. He’s sponsored by big skate companies, like Flip, Ricta, Hurley, etc.

So, that’s a little bit of the life of one of the best skaters of all time. He’s very good and I think he’ll skate even in his 60s and I hope he lives a lot.

- Watch one of his skate videos.

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New Orleans,The Best Trip – Enrico Pietraróia (Upper Intermediate)

In 2009, I went to a very curious place in the USA. Before of the trip, I had never heard about there. Its name is New Orleans, the Jazzland.

A friend of my mother invited my family to stay at her house in the July vacations. She lived near the downtown. Every day I went there to visit the famous sites, althought I dind’t know them (my father told me everything). One of them was the most famous street in the city, it was called Bourbon street. There’s a jazz festival whose name is also Bourbon.

The street is very long and it’s always full of people, many of them were jazz lovers, who wanted to buy music stuff. I got very impressed by the fact that there was always a little band playing funk or jazz, and it made me feel happier. These two styles are my favorite ones.

I took a lot of photos, specially of the landscapes. New Orleans has a beautiful river where big ships pass, and I took many photos of them.

People there were very gentle and funny. One day, my family and I were having lunch at a restaurant, and a man found out that we were brazilians. He got very happy. I think all americans love Brazilians.

In spite of the distance, I felt I was at home. It was one of the best vacations of my life.

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The owner of the beehive hairdo – Marina Almeida (Upper Intermediate)


Amy Whinehouse was a famous singer, song writer, composer and arranger, who unfortunatly died on July 23rd 2011. She was only 27 years old! She was born in Southgate, UK, but she was an international sucess. She was a deep contralto and worked with Soul, R&B, Jazz and Blues.

She used to wear heavy make up with strong eye-liner and a red lipstick. Her hair was a beehive hairdo. It was very long! She had a lot of tatoos around her body. She was involved with drugs and alcohool. Lots of people consider her a controversial person.

Her most sucessfull CD’s were “Frank” and “Back to Black”. She was nominated to 6 Grammy’s and she won 5 of them.

I first became aware of her when I heard the song “Rehab” on the radio. I wasn’t able to see one of her concerts but I wish I did. I particularly like her sucessfull songs: “Rehab”; “You know I’m no good”; “Tears dry on their own”. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that she used drugs and died because of an overdose.

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A Soldier – Adriana Wright (Upper Intermediate)

Chris Rene

I’ve always liked reality shows, mainly the talent shows. That’s why I first discoverd his music in “The X Factor USA 2011″, a Simon Cowell show. I fell in love with the music he sang in his first audition, it’s called “Young Homie”. Chris Rene almost won the show.

Christopher is a singer that mixes rap with pop music, what makes him such a unique person. Born on December 25th in Santa Cruz, California, he didn’t have a good adolescence, because when he was 13 years old he started to get involved with drugs.

When he went to rehab he was near death, but with the treatment he stopped being addicted and replaced drugs by music.

Nowadays, he is 28 years old and almost one year sober, that’s why he is a really good example to people who are dependent on drugs. He is just like a soldier. He got the third place in the show, but he said that if he had won, he would have spent the money with his son and opening a rehab, because he doesn’t want to see more people destroying their lives.

Young Homie Video
Chris Rene First Audition

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Elvis Presley – Maria Victoria Meirelles (Upper Intermediate)

Elvis Presley

Apart of being the most famous singer of the 20th century, I belive he was the most beautiful man of all times.

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, 1935, but he moved to Memphis, Tennesse, in 1947 to improve his carrer that had already started. He’s known as The King of Rock because he basically invented this type of music, and his voice is considered the most impressive one. That’s why even 45 years after his death we still listen to his music.

He was very handsome, he had an incredible voice and for sometime, a beautiful woman, but even though he had all that, he drugged himself and died at the age of 42.

I first discouvered him because my mum was watching a DVD where he was singing and dancing. I fell in love at the very first time I saw his face. I had heard his name a lot of times before that, but I never had enough curiosity to search about him. But after I saw his DVD, I started to search everything about him.

Elvis wasn’t famous for singing, dancing, ou being that handsome. Of course it counted a lot, but in my opinin, he became the most famous singer of the 20th century because he reinvented music.

Elvis Presley – In the Ghetto