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Easter,by Marina Freire – PT 4

I like Easter because I eat a lot of chocolate and I usually travel with my Family. This Easter I’m going to travel to Praia da Baleia with my mom’s Family and there we are going to give and to get chocolate eggs.

On Sunday we are going to have a big lunch, but we are not going to eat meat. This lunch is going to be at the beach. But I will have to study a lot because next week I’m going to have a lot of tests.

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A really cool Easter, by Pedro Alves

I’ve had some cool events in my life. I remember some of them.

I had a very cool Easter. It was in 2005 in my farm in Sorocaba. All members of my family were together to celebrate Easter. On that Easter all my cousins and I had to look for the chocolate eggs that my mother hid. It was cool because all the members of my family were together and we had to look for the chocolate eggs in my big farm. It was very difficult and we had a lot of fun looking for the eggs.

This Easter I’ll go to my friend’s house at the beach and my friend’s mother will hide the eggs for us to look for.

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A memorable Easter, by Pedro Proto

Since I remember, my family used to celebrate lots of events, from birthdays to Christmas, and it was a very good thing, because my family was very united. But, in 2011 I had an unforgettable Easter. It was amazing.

When there were 15 days for Easter I received an invitation from my older cousin to go with him and the “Médicos sem fronteiras” to Haiti and there, throw an Easter party for the needy children. In the first moment I hesitated but after seeing flabbergasting pictures taken after the earthquake that happened some years before, I decided to go. It really lent me weight to go.

I can’t say it was better than the Easters I used to spend with my family. It was different. I had a feeling I had never had before. Seeing the smile in the face of each boy and girl after receiving their Easter egg; this feeling of helping people, I was not happy, I was ecstatic. That’s why, after this splendid experience, I am doing it again, but this time, 2012, I am going to a Quilombo in Brazil with my school.

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A really cool Easter, by Luis Filipe

I had a cool event in my life. It was in a party at my club, I remember that it was amazing because I was with my friends and three another girls. We danced a lot!

It was in 2011 with my family, it was very cool because my dad hid the eggs on the roof! Three hours later I found my eggs!  IUHUUL!

It was cool because I ate a lot of chocolate and had a lot of chocolate.  This Easter I want to go to the beach with my family and my friends and I want to have  a lot of fun and chocolate!

I want a cool and funny Easter for you!

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A really cool Easter, by Pedro Lins

I’ve had some really cool events in my life. For example, I remember last Easter. It was really cool because I had to hide the chocolate eggs from my little cousins. It was in my house in Florianópolis.

It has a really big garden so I loved hiding the eggs in the branches of trees and behind some rocks. I was the Easter Bunny! I don’t know what I’m going to do this Easter, but I think I will go to Ubatuba with my friends and their brothers. It will be fantastic!